Wednesday, June 4, 2014

birthday card

my continued lack of activity is... you know what, i'm not even going down that road right now: life is complicated, but for all that, i want to stop just for a few mins and say

many happy returns of the day!!!

- to our man. happy 69th birthday, sir :)))


Anonymous said...

Great news
Brandon Evans is back

Lucky said...

hi cent. i step by to let you know i opened yet another blog. after a long pause. i called it simply

somebody asked me today about a braxton compositions on john lindberg's "east side suite" - and you were the only one i know who could possibly identify this tune.

and a late happy birthday mr. b. :)

centrifuge said...

hey fuck. fuck!! sorry guys - both of you - lucky, what the fuck my brother? you didn't think to email me and warn me?! i guess you presumed - reasonably enough! - that i would monitor comments on my own blog, but for week after week during the summer i avoided even thinking about it in truth - all responsibilities in general, apart from parenthood family-belongin and all that... hey anon, very glad to hear that a very very talented musician-composer, and braxtonian section leader has reappeared and again made "the scene" - wherever/whatever that "is" at this point in history...

mr lucky i will get back to you abiut that. i don't know lindberg's work outside braxton's groups if the truth be known - will have a look, must be on restructures surely - ?

centrifuge said...

(and there i was concluding that everyone had completely abandoned the apparent (spiritual) ruins... silly bastard hadn't even checked that the comments, for once, were not left by him - !


btw the maestro tells me, live this is now, that HOPE MUST AND DOES SPRING ETERNAL so let's all just agree to give some of our energies towards fostering that most desirable and hitherto-unachievable of near-outcomes...

(sir/s, hope the trio gig went swimmingly. i confess i don't know your vocalist. will research!)

c x